Pupa Vamp Makeup Color Theory, Explained

When summer comes to an end, this is the perfect time to adopt a more intense look like Pupa Vamp. From electric blue eyeshadow to dark purple lips, use colors to push the boundaries.

Heavenly shade

color of the sky, the ocean and the twilight, blue evokes freshness to perfection. The ancient Egyptians worshiped this color; they represented paradise by means of lapis lazuli gems. They would be happy to learn that the blue, neglected since the 80s, is back in force as a color of makeup for the eyes. It is noticed everywhere in the fashion shows and on the pages of the big autumn issues of magazines. It comes in sparkling sapphire shades, refreshing azure and captivating cobalt. But, unlike the 80s, we do not see blue only on the eyelids. He takes the limelight in the form of charcoal looks, updated with gradual touches that produce an artistic effect. It also appears in midnight blue in intense cat looks, a fabulous look for the evening, which modernizes feline eyes and turns the wise little cat into a fierce lioness!

We love blue eye shadows that are very versatile.

That’s why we like:

Pupa Vamp No. 300 Shocking Blue Compact Eyeshadow.
Its color is pure, saturated and uniform. Its soft and creamy texture is ultra-easy to fade and produces the desired covering effect. This eye shadow gives a divine depth to the smoky eyes.

The color of self-confidence

To blue comes the color of royalty and self-confidence: purple. You can see it in a thousand and one ways: shimmering lilac with precious amethyst and so rich plum tones that they are almost black … surprising, sexy … sensational! Combined with moiré metallic sequins, the purple is renewed: if it is faded at the base of the upper lashes, on a classic black liner, it is both dazzling and elegant. For a true modern femme fatale look, combine a purple, smoky look with plum or ruby ​​lips.

If you marry a black liner of rich hues like purple or blue, choose a black ultra-saturated liner with durable hold.

This mechanical tracer gives you a precise and smooth application. It includes a built-in sharpener and smudge tip. Above all, it will remain comfortably in place for sixteen hours, without any burrs!

The essential eyelid

In order for the eye makeup to not run and run, and for its color to remain intense, always apply a base on your eyelids in the first place. Thanks to the base, the eye shadow will adhere better and your liner will slide to perfection, allowing you to create a precise line and to blend it cleanly. In addition, the base prolongs the makeup of the eyes.

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