Lancome Beauty Sleep Perfector

It is often said that sleep is restorative … Indeed, the night is the best time to regenerate, renew and repair the skin, because it is more receptive to the benefits of skin care during sleep.(lancome beauty sleep perfector)

Eliminate daily impurities(lancome beauty sleep perfector)
Do not go to bed without removing makeup and cleaning your face properly. If you do not remove make-up, makeup can clog your pores and dilate them, produce pimples and age your skin prematurely.

Use a gentle and effective makeup remover to remove mascara, tracer and eye shadow. An oil-based formula, designed for the face and eyes, will dislodge even stubborn water repellent mascara without you having to pull on your skin. Pour the makeup remover on a pad to remove makeup. Then apply a mild facial cleanser.

Your dose of vitamin A in the evening
Thanks to collagen, the skin remains firm and retains its youthful appearance. Unfortunately, over the years, the skin produces less. To stimulate collagen production, smooth fine lines and reduce the appearance of pores, apply Vitamin A to your skin every night with a retinoid cream, sold with or without a prescription. The retinoid can also help fade brown spots.

But the retinoid can irritate the skin since it stimulates the exfoliation and the cellular renewal. A soothing cream will neutralize this effect and regenerate your skin. Better yet, apply a night mask, which will moisturize your skin with moisture and minerals. When you wake up, your plumped face will look younger and fresher!

For example, the Aqualia Thermal Spa night mask by Vichy is the first soothing and soothing nighttime spa mask. It offers a powerful beauty transformation overnight thanks to its deep hydration. It is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin! Its creamy and light gel-cream formula envelops your skin with velvety softness, never greasy or sticky.

To plump the skin during sleep:(lancome beauty sleep perfector)

Apply a generous layer of face mask to face and neck.

Relax and let it infuse in the skin 10 to 15 minutes.

Then massage gently to penetrate the product.

To promote relaxation, place your thumbs on the temples and your annular between the eyebrows by applying a slight pressure.

Now that your skin is relaxed, Vichy Water, high in minerals and high concentration of hyaluronic acid and patented Aquabioryl ™ molecule, will work all night to regenerate and smooth your skin!(lancome beauty sleep perfector)

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