Keep your Lips Beautiful-Lip Plumping Products

We all want to have beautiful lips, but we do not always have the mouth we want (because we are never satisfied with what we have, me first!). Fortunately,with lip plumping products there are simple makeup techniques that will allow you to make a mouth fuller, to hide lips too fleshy or just to emphasize your smile … without surgery. (lip plumping products)

The important thing is the base!
A base for the lips can moisturize and prepare well. It will also prevent the pencil, the red and the lip gloss from spinning. A base fills small wrinkles and wrinkles, and unifies lips texture Thus, the lips appear smooth and uniform. Do you feel like you have to constantly reapply your lipstick or lip gloss? A base for the lips could solve this problem! Bases sold in pencil form are very practical because they offer the best control and lasting hold.

For a “luscious lips” effect

Apply a little foundation to your lips, then blur them with your fingers or a sponge.

Then matify all with a veil of translucent powder.

Trace the “new” outline of your lips with a pencil the same color as your lipstick, slightly exceeding the natural line of your lips.

Color the entire lips surface with the pencil, but leave the middle of the lower lip bare, to create a pretty 3D pout.

Then apply an iridescent lipstick layered with a little lip gloss for a voluminous effect.

Pro Tip: Try a plumping lip gloss to get a smile on your lips that is really fleshy and even more irresistible. This type of lip gloss often contains natural ingredients, such as cinnamon, menthol, cayenne pepper (called capsaicin), caffeine and niacin (a vitamin B that stimulates blood circulation and gives nice volume to the lips). It sometimes produces a slight tingling after its application, which simply indicates that it is acting. These ingredients have all been tested for tolerance; it is therefore possible to use a plumping lip gloss without danger, as indicated. So, do not hesitate to try it!(lip plumping products)

To thin fleshy lips

Create the same base as to create luscious lips.

Then trace the outline of your lips slightly inside your natural line using a pencil of the same color as your lipstick.

Also color the inside of the lips with the pencil, then apply the lipstick.

A dark shade and a matte texture will make your lips look luscious as if by magic!

Some tips …

Impossible to embellish dry and chapped lips. Well hydrated lips are the perfect canvas for lipstick to last a long time.

Integrate the application of a lip cream into your evening beauty ritual. Opt for a cream containing collagen and hyaluronic acid, the ingredient that doctors inject into the lips! Will it have the same effect? No, but your lips will look smoother and more fleshy, without a needle or doctor’s appointment!

Exfoliation, it’s also good for the lips! Do it with a product specifically designed for lip scrubbing or using a soft-bristled toothbrush. In addition to getting rid of dead skin, you will activate the circulation and facilitate the absorption of moisturizers contained in your lipstick.

To prevent the lipstick from running, apply some concealer on the edge of the mouth, then a little translucent powder to fix the whole, before putting the lipstick.

For a glamorous mouth, apply a touch of brightener or pearly beige eyeshadow over the top lip, where it forms a heart.

If your lips are uneven, apply a shade of lipstick a darker tone on the fleshier lip to make it look smaller.(lip plumping products)

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