Crochet Box Braids and Faux Locks

The expert hair stylists always advise choosing hair styling products wisely as they can damage the beauty of your natural hair. In the list of low maintenance, low cost, and protective hair styling options, crochet braids are rated on top.

This noodle like hairstyle became popular in the 1990s when ladies started giving more preference to tiny, wavy braids. However, the braid patterns have now revolutionized to a great extent. The biggest reason behind choosing crochet box braids is that they take minimum time for installation. Also, depending upon the braid pattern selected by the user, they can offer versatile style options.

Best hair for crochet box braids:

Most of the ladies find difficulty in selection of right hair type for installing crochet box braids. Not all the hair extensions can create the desired look for crochet braids; however, there are a variety of options to choose from. You can pick budget-friendly and high-quality collections from Marley hair to freetress crochet hair. Note that, selection of type hair extension will have a direct impact on the appearance of your crochet braids.

The best technique for installing crochet box braids is faux locs. This protective style appears great choice for wearers and can give a natural look without causing any damage to your original hair.

What are crochet faux locs?

The faux locs are observed to resemble dreadlocks and locs; however, this style makes use of yarn, human hair or synthetic braidings such as Kanekalon hair or Marley hair. In this installation technique, hair are wrapped tightly to the braids by following a downward motion and they appear like real locs.

As crochet braid pattern is a protective style so it is designed to serve on a temporary basis. You need to follow few essential maintenance routines to make them last longer. These lightweight braids add a natural touch to your hairstyle.

Hair that are used to create faux locs cover natural hair completely that is why it is called a protective style. However, it is important to ensure that it is not installed too tightly otherwise it can damage original hair. Depending upon the volume of your hair you can choose long faux locs or short faux locs.

You may need to spend few hours at the salon to get your crochet braid pattern installed. Some professionals recommend deep conditioning and protein treatment to make them last longer.

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