Beauty Tips to Look Gorgeous this Christmas

End of year celebrations are always approaching! It’s an opportunity to meet up with family, friends or one-on-one in love. Obviously, we all seek to be at the top of our beauty to wake up. Here are some tips for you to feel beautiful and well in your skin the night of festivities.


Exfoliate your skin.
scrub cleans the epidermis thoroughly and rid of dead skin. This operation also aims to refine skin grain , clarify the complexion and stimulate cell renewal. As there are many exfoliating products and choice of such a product depends on your skin type, it is best to inform you with your pharmacy beauty consultant who will help you.

Use a mask.
The facial mask is a skin care complementary to the exfoliation. This product is used once a week on average – after an exfoliation for a better result. Just apply it on the face and let it act for ten minutes before rinsing thoroughly. There are different types of masks (moisturizers, purifiers, toners, etc.). Again, it’s best to find out which one is best for your skin type.

Hydrate deeply.
Do not forget to moisturize skin of your face morning and evening. This is a crucial step in everyday life! Moisturizing care is indeed intended to retain epidermis moisture on surface and thus prevent it from evaporating. Result: the skin is supple and elastic, which gives a good-looking effect. Choose day and night creams for a magnified effect.

Sunny your complexion.
First, apply a foundation with a sponge to unify your complexion. Then use a correction pen to conceal your dark circles and imperfections. Then, place a loose powder lightly on your face with a large brush. This will matify the skin too bright and fix the foundation. Finish by applying a blush, just to give you an instant boost. Place it on the bone of your cheekbones and blend it back up to the top of your ears.

Brighten your eyes
For a glamorous look, use an eye shadow. Apply only on the eyelid with a brush. Then line upper lashes – and why not the lower lashes! – a pencil kohl or liquid tracer to create a sensual effect. Then, make up the lashes with a mascara to intensify your look. Remember to always start at eyelashes base for a more spectacular result.

Enhance your lips.
At Christmas, sparkle your lips with bright red for an ultra-chic finish and a festive look! Forget the too dark lipsticks that narrow the mouth, give a stern look and accentuate the puppet lines (on each side of the lips). For mouth, motto is the color. After all, it’s party time! This year, do not hesitate to try shades of a vibrant red. For finishing, use a pencil of the same color as your lipstick.

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